Siberian Husky


So... You Want A Siberian Husky?

They are an amazing breed and often a potato chip breed... you cannot just have one! They are born to RUN & PULL! This is not the breed for everyone! DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Is this the breed for me?

Siberian Husky Standard

This is the standard we strive to breed. Breed Standard

Hereditary Problems

No breed of dog is free of of any genetic disorder. As a reputable breeder I try to do everything I physically can to make sure I am breeding the healthiest dogs. Please read what the Siberian Husky can be prone to. Health Issues Siberian Huskies Can Have

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Training Your Siberian

Siberians can be very obedient with proper training. Most have selective hearing. They will make you laugh, cry and you always have to be five steps ahead of them. They are smart, too smart! As a certified dog trainer I am happy to help not just puppies I have bred but anyone who needs help!  This is a great place to start though!!

Siberians with Children & Cats

I am constantly asked if Siberians an co-exist with children and cats. The answer is YES! All of my puppies are raised with my 5 year old daughter and are exposed to her good times and tantrums. She loves holding them and playing with them! We also have 3 Cats living in our home. If you teach them young that cats are friends not food you should be fine! Remember: 

ANY breed of dog you get-the effort YOU put into is what is going to show. If you let them grow up without manners, structure and consistency you are most likely going to have a wild child! If you need help, contact me!

Finnish Lapphund


So... You Want A Finnish Lapphund?

The Finnish Lapphund has many great qualities; they are smart and quick to learn, make great alert dogs, are wonderful family companions and often referred to as a clown. However, not every dog is suited to every situation and environment and as with any other breed, the Lappy is not the dog for everyone. Please take the time to learn about the Finnish Lapphund!

Finnish Lapphund Standard

This is what we are striving to breed. Breed Standard

Hereditary Problems

The Finnish Lapphund is generally a healthy breed although, as with all other breeds of dogs, they too, are subject to genetic disorders. Health Issues Finnish Lapphunds Can Have

Recommended Websites For Learning About Finnish Lapphunds